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This new CEDH database on Homeopathic treatments for Cancer palliative care was written by Jean-Claude Karp MD, Oncologist and Francois Roux DPharm, both CEDH teachers.

- The database can be easily searched, either through the name of the chemotherapy drug (or radiotherapy), by disorder, or by homeopathic medicine.
- Each chemotherapy drug is described; Family, Indications, Presentation, Dosage, Method of administration, Surveillance and toxicity.
- Followed by its side-effects on different organs, tissues and functions accompanied by the corresponding palliative homeopathic medicines with their dilutions and short materia medica.
- Finally, a general treatment regimen, the first order and what to look for during the next consultation.

This database is indispensable, not only for those of you whose specialty is to treat cancer patients but also for all of us who have patients undergoing chemo or radiotherapy.

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